“Jóga” - Björk



"At the time, I was going to move to London for a couple of months to record an album. I ended up doing two records and touring the world. I'd never been so long away from Iceland, so when I started preparing for Homogenic, it was very obviously supposed to be a love album to Iceland nature. I'd learned enough about studios and beats to make modern Icelandic pop music. It's isn't Icelandic music trying to be English or American. I was doing a lot of experimenting with beats trying to make them sound volcanic. With this song, I really had a sort of National Anthem in mind. Not the National Anthem but certain classic Icelandic songs - very romantic, very proud."

Jóga was composed by Björk. It was produced by her and Mark Bell at the El Cortijo studios in Spain. The lyrics for it were written by Björk's long-term collaborator Sjón. Jóga became the first single from her third studio album 'Homogenic'. The video was shot on location in Iceland by the French videodirector Michel Gondry, using a 16mm handheld camera, and it was subsequently digitally processed into luscious computer-animated landscapes, alive and moving in synchronization with the beats of the song.
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