“Bück dich” - Rammstein



"Bück dich" ("Bend down," "Bend over") is a song by the German Tanz-Metall band Rammstein that first appeared on their second full-length album, Sehnsucht. The lyrics refer to sodomy.

"Bück Dich" is a command meaning "Bend Over!" The word dich does not actually translate as "down". The German word for down is (he)runter. 'Dich' is a pronoun with more than one meaning. It is mostly used as the accusative form of du (you, like English used to have "thou" and "thee".) However, it may also be used as a reflexive pronoun (examples of English reflexive pronouns would be "self" words, like myself, yourself, himself, etc.) which certain German reflexive verbs require to be grammatically correct. Bück (The command form of Bücken) is a reflexive verb, hence the reflexive use of "dich". Germans do not say "Bück runter" (Bend down) or "Bück rüber" (Bend over); instead, they say "Bück dich" (literally "Bend Yourself") but it still means the same thing.

This song is best known for its live performance. When performing it live, vocalist Till Lindemann has simulated sodomy with keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz using a dildo. Occasionally they will have the dildo squirt either custard, liquor, water or a combination of the three. This performance is controversial, and once led to Lindemann and Lorenz being arrested during a concert on June 5, 1999 in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA). They were each fined $200 and spent the night in jail. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.